The Essence of Scratch-Off Games

Playing scratch off games is an easy chance to instantly win a few thousand dollars. There is no brainwork required to play these games. One just has to scratch the latex-based (usually) painted-on portion of the scratch to see if he or she has won instant prizes. The person may or may not win, but the exhilaration and the expectation of winning instant awards makes one buying more scratch cards. Indeed, it is a very addictive, albeit expensive, way to pass the time.

Tickets of the very first scratch off games were made through manual random checking techniques. Daniel Bower and John Koza – for Scientific Games Corporation – made the very first computer-based instant lottery game in 1974. Astro-Med, Inc. from West Warwick in Rhode Island was awarded the U.S. Patent for the instant scratch off ticket. This was in 1987. The basic rule of scratch cards requires the player to scratch off three or more painted-on areas, which hide symbols, words, and numbers. Just like a slot machine game, if all the items in the scratch card are identical, the player wins a prize.

There are also complicated scratch off games that entail several methods to win on a single card. Some of these scratch cards involve matching pictures, words, symbols, or are adapted from popular games like poker, blackjack, or Monopoly. Some of these complicated games are related to popular and well-known themes like MLB, Harley Davidson, NHL, NASCAR, the World Cup (FIFA), and Marvel Comics.

Scientific Games Corporation makes these game ticket types. The company’s production facilities are in Chile, the U.S.A., the U.K., Germany, Brazil, Canada, and Australia. Pollard Banknote also makes these types of game tickets and the company has factories in Canada and the United States. Smaller game ticket makers have facilities throughout Asia, Europe, and North America.

Scratch card games are popular all throughout the United States. These games are popular because of the chance to instantly win prizes and also their low cost. There are more expensive scratch cards costing $20 to $30 but the awards at stake are in the millions. Yet, many so-called instant tickets sold nationwide, particularly in New York and Massachusetts, do not instantly pay major prizes, but over several years and with no cash alternative. Scratch cards’ popularity has been surging at a faster rate compared with any other lottery form.

Due to the popularity of these games, there is also a high probability of fraud. A misuse of these scratch card games is the free distribution that offers prizes that range from the low-value to the highly-desirable. An example is the time-limited discount vouchers that can be redeemed through a particular agent to cars. These “fraudulent” cards show that a prize has been won; however, the value and nature of the prize can be determined by calling a number at a significant amount per minute. In truth, the amount won is far less than the phone call.

Scratch card games are still popular in the country and the rest of the world, despite the fraudulent aspect that comes with it. These games are still highly enjoyable and it can be played by most adults.